Sunday, January 26, 2014

Analyse the key strengths of the argument for the existence of God based on religious experience. Evaluate the view the weaknesses of this argument lead to its rejection.

?What is religious fetch?? A religious consume bestow the bounce be described as a non-empirical occurrent and arouse be perceived as supernatural; or a ?mental event? undergone by an individual, it can be offhand or may be brought as yield by intensive praying. The receiver usually seems to have been ? emaciated into a deeper? knowledge and aw beness of God; however the experience itself is non a substitute for the Divine. The experiences ar usually individual, unique and natural; ? authenticated? experiences to help the individual to live a break trip the light fantastic toe life. There are different types of religious experiences; spiritual experience, intact experience, or mystical experience all organism natural; where an individual reports contact with a transcendent reality, an encounter or union with the divine. A religious person believes they have had an experience of God, or another religious figure. Religious experiences can be given from God actually speaking to a person, to someone beingness aware of Gods presence, or even a miracle. Therefore, religious experiences are not easily categorised as one intimacy or another. However, what we might say is common to all of them is that they are somewhat extraordinary events, and very different to ordinary frequent experiences. Rudolf Otto in his book ?The Idea of the Holy? uses the term saintly to describe a personal experience of spiritual power. Otto uses the antiquate Latin, ?numen? translated as ?the presence of a god or goddess? and suggests that formalism must derive from a being that is totally fill from this world; in the presence of such being numinosity is experienced. Martin Buber takes sacred into consideration but stresses that the existence of personal relationship exists regardless of numinous. He suggest the relationship in formed on two levels; viewing people and things as phenomena or good-natured a relationship further by probing deeper. Buber bel ieves God... ! If you margin call for to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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